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Towing Chicago - Call Now!

Towing Chicago links you to some of the best towing and roadside services. We offer professional and reliable services to stranded motorists driving vehicles, such as sedans, SUVs, light trucks, four-wheel-drive vehicles, etc. In addition, we can serve private motorists, commercial motorists, and industrial machine operators alike. Therefore, we welcome all motorists to contact us whenever they need to get out of a stressful situation with their vehicles.


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What is Towing Chicago?

Towing Chicago is one of the few towing companies to offer on-demand 24-hour roadside services throughout Chicago. We have hundreds of service providers throughout the city operating tow trucks and assisting customers with their car issues. Many of our customers include college students, commuters & working professionals, travelers, and tourists.

Call2Tow - Nationwide Towing Directory

Why Choose Towing Chicago?

Quick – One phone call can get you direct help within 30 minutes. Our dispatch system ensures that you promptly get the nearest and most qualified roadside professional out to your location.

Affordable – Our service rates are reasonable for the average motorist traveling in Chicago. The estimated price quote we provide ahead of time will be the total cost of our service. There are no hidden fees added to the price at the very end.


Serving All of Chicago – Chicago is a big city with many neighborhoods and communities. Our roadside services are available throughout Chicago no matter where you have gotten stranded in the town.


100% Transparent – Towing Chicago is honest with all customers. We’ll give you a fair and accurate estimated price quote and delivery time whenever you contact us for assistance.


24/7 Services – Our extensive network of roadside service providers are always available to assist customers throughout Chicago. It allows us to offer our premium roadside services on a 24-hour basis, so stranded motorists can receive assistance whenever they need it.


Fully Qualified – Towing Chicago only hires the most qualified roadside professionals. As a result, we have a fleet of certified tow truck operators and roadside technicians who have the necessary training and experience to deliver exemplary results to our customers in Chicago.


Towing Chicago offers emergency and non-emergency roadside services involving assistance with towing, vehicle lockouts, jump starts, empty gas tanks, and flat tires.


The Windy City of Chicago is no stranger to heavy traffic on its roads, streets, and highways. At any moment, you could suffer a breakdown or accident in a crowded or congested location while driving throughout Chicago. So if you find yourself in this stressful situation, you don’t have to deal with it alone. One phone call to Towing Chicago can help you get out of this situation quickly and safely.

Do You Need an Emergency Roadside Technician or Tow Truck in Chicago?

Towing Chicago offers roadside services 24 hours per day to all motorists traveling in Chicago. You can submit an emergency roadside service request by calling us at 800-663-9869. A qualified tow truck operator or roadside technician will be there to assist you in Chicago within 30 minutes.


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