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Towing Indianapolis - Call Now!

We don’t waste any time rescuing motorists and getting their vehicles moving again. Nobody wants to get stranded in Indianapolis. But a mechanical breakdown or traffic accident is an unpredictable thing. You could find yourself stranded within the heart of Indianapolis faster than you might think. Once that happens, you’ll want to get out of the heavy traffic quickly because it can build up fast at any moment. That is when you should contact Towing Indianapolis to get you out of that situation.

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What is Towing Indianapolis?

Towing Indianapolis is a fully licensed and experienced roadside assistance company in Indianapolis. We offer fast, dependable, and professional roadside services to private and commercial motorists throughout the city. People trust our company to assist them with common roadside vehicle issues like empty fuel tanks, lockouts, mechanical problems, and flat tires.

Call2Tow - Nationwide Towing Directory

Why Choose Towing Indianapolis?

Towing Indianapolis doesn’t charge any membership or subscription fees. We don’t require you to join any clubs to take advantage of our professional roadside services. All you have to do is call us and let us know the nature of your problem. Then we’ll send the most appropriate and skilled roadside technician or tow truck operator to assist you.


Here are the additional benefits of hiring Towing Indianapolis:



Affordable – Towing and roadside services shouldn’t have to cost a lot in Indianapolis. We offer low prices on these services without diminishing their quality or delivery speed.


50% Faster Assistance – Towing Indianapolis delivers towing and roadside services 50% faster than competing towing companies in Indianapolis. The average wait time per customer is 30 minutes or less.



Serving All Locations – Towing Indianapolis serves every neighborhood of Indianapolis, including Decatur, Fountain Square, Broad Ripple, Mile Square, Sebring Court, Traders Point, Woodruff Place, Brightwood, Conagra, Fletcher Place, and West Indianapolis.



Accurate Pricing Estimates – We provide estimated prices based on the service requested. Once the service is delivered, you will either pay that price or a smaller amount. We will never add more fees or unexpected charges to the total price.



Emergency 24/7 Support – Roadside emergencies in Indianapolis happen at all hours of the day and night. Towing Indianapolis operates a 24/7 network of roadside professionals who are always ready to respond to your call for help.



Advanced Equipment – We use the latest and most advanced equipment to transport vehicles, change tires, jump-start dead batteries, and unlock locked doors. Your vehicle won’t suffer any damage while our professional technicians are servicing it.


Our most common customers include commuters, students, workers, retirees, tourists, and travelers. Whoever you are in Indianapolis, we’ll be happy to assist you the next time you get stranded on the roadside.

Do You Need an Emergency Roadside Technician or Tow Truck in Indianapolis?

Towing Indianapolis can offer immediate assistance to all stranded motorists in Indianapolis on a 24-hour basis. So whether your vehicle breaks down day or night, we are always available to provide you with roadside assistance.


You can submit your emergency roadside service request by calling us at 800-663-9869. Once you submit your request, the wait time should not be longer than 30 minutes.

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