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Towing Louisville - Call Now!

Towing Louisville operates a massive network of towing professionals and roadside service technicians in Louisville. We spend 24 hours per day serving stranded motorists who have suffered traffic accidents or mechanical breakdowns in various neighborhoods and regions of the city. Our prices are affordable, cost-effective, competitive, and transparent. We’re confident you will be happy with the result of our services provided to you.

Call2Tow - Roadside Assistance
Call2Tow - Roadside Assistance

Why Choose Towing Louisville?

Several other towing companies exist in Louisville, but they love to price gouge and modify their price estimates dishonestly after their services are rendered to their customers.

Towing Louisville believes in honesty and integrity when dealing with customers. We never engage in price gouging or other deceptive practices with our customers. Therefore, you will never pay more than our price estimates provided to you initially.


Here are the benefits of choosing Towing Louisville for all your roadside servicing needs:

Competitive PricesTowing Louisville sets competitive prices which are budget-friendly to the average motorist in the city. You will never pay more than the price estimate we present upfront because we never engage in price gouging. So you can rest assured that no hidden fees or costs will get added to the price.

Fast Response TimeOur roadside professionals respond to roadside service requests in under 30 minutes regardless of where the motorists are stranded in Louisville. We attribute our quick response time to our network of towing operators and roadside technicians throughout the city.

All Neighborhoods Served Towing Louisville serves every neighborhood in Louisville, including Downtown, Highlands, East Market District, Old Louisville, Portland, Fern Creek, Pleasure Ridge Park, and Fairdale.

24-Hour Emergency ServicesFeel free to request our roadside services at any hour of the day or night. Towing Louisville has roadside professionals available to answer customer requests 24/7.

Fully LicensedTowing Louisville has obtained all the necessary credentials to provide professional towing and roadside services in Louisville, such as licenses, certifications, insurance policies, etc. So you can trust in our professionalism to respond to your roadside service request quickly.

Towing Louisville offers customers an easy way to request emergency roadside services in Louisville. Achieving customer satisfaction is our number one priority with every motorist we assist. We are happy to serve any commercial, industrial or private motorist with their vehicle situation.

Do You Need Emergency Roadside Assistance in Louisville?

Towing Louisville accepts emergency service requests from stranded motorists 24 hours per day in Louisville. If you need to submit an emergency roadside service request, you can do so by calling us at 800-663-9869. We always have customer support representatives on standby to take calls and fulfill service requests.

What is Towing Louisville?

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and was named after French King Louis XVI. The total population of the Louisville Metro Government area is around 783,000 people. It is near the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area Falls, a national landmark along the Ohio River.

Has your vehicle left you stranded in Louisville? Contact Towing Louisville to receive emergency assistance with your vehicle problem at any location in the city 24/7.

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