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Towing Portland - Call Now!

Towing Portland manages a network of roadside technicians and tow truck operators throughout the Portland area. Our services include vehicle towing, tire changing, refueling, battery jump start, and unlocking doors. Thousands of residents and tourists choose Towing Portland because of our experience and expertise in handling all roadside emergencies.

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What is Towing Portland?

Many of our repeat customers include college students, business people, working professionals, retirees, travelers, commuters, etc. So if you have suffered a terrible vehicle accident or breakdown in Portland, you can trust our roadside service providers to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.


Call2Tow - Nationwide Towing Directory

Why Choose Towing Portland?

No Hidden Fees – Towing Portland does not charge any hidden fees. We maintain complete transparency about our pricing without the surprise of additional fees or charges after the job gets finished.


Fast Response – About 30 minutes after you submit your emergency service request, a roadside technician or tow truck operator will arrive at your location in Portland. We pride ourselves on maintaining a fast response time for our customers.



Serving All of Portland – No matter which neighborhood you get stranded in, our tow truck operators and roadside service technicians are here to help. We can serve motorists in all communities and regions of Portland.



Dependable – Towing Portland is a service provider you can depend on whenever you need us. We employ experienced and dedicated service professionals committed to providing high-quality customer service.



24/7 Emergency Services – Towing Portland maintains a 24/7 work schedule. So you can contact us night or day, and we’ll have a qualified towing operator or roadside technician assist you quickly.



Experienced – Towing Portland has the most experienced team of technicians and tow truck operators working in Portland. We all possess the necessary licenses, qualifications, and certifications to perform our jobs at the highest levels of professionalism imaginable.


Towing Portland simplifies the process of requesting roadside assistance. Our customer service representatives only need to ask you a few short questions, and then we’ll have the most qualified technician or towing operator out to help you

Do You Need an Emergency Roadside Technician or Tow Truck in Portland?

When you need fast and efficient roadside assistance in Portland, you can count on Towing Portland to assist you anytime and anywhere. Call us at 800-663-9869 to submit your emergency service request today.


What is Towing Portland?


Portland is the most populous city in Oregon. It has around 652,500 people in the city and 2.5 million people in the Portland metropolitan area. Nearly half of the entire population of Oregon lives in this metro area. You can expect a lot of traffic throughout the day due to the massive population.


Are you stuck on the roadside due to a mechanical error or accident involving your car or truck in Portland? If so, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Towing Portland for immediate roadside assistance.

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